We re-stock our boulder yard with 1-3 new truckloads of yardstock daily from our sites in Congress, AZ. Kafka Granite Office Rounded Glacial Boulders for inventive play, Rocks and Boulders for vehicle restraint or features for creative landscaping - Specialist Aggregates stock a wide selection to cater for both commercial and private contracts. Our boulders range from as little as 50 pounds to as much as 5,000! Crushed cockle shells in a riot of waterproof colour. For the construction of natural ponds and streams, creating low permeability self-sealing barriers, grouting, and earthing pits for electrical conductors. Ideal for interior, set and promo decor, creative play, table decoration and as a substrate for hobby aquaria. Wisconsin Granite Boulders are great for landscapes and retaining walls. Granite will likely be priced differently than limestone, and so on. 550 East Hwy 153 Natural sands in a range of versatile colours and grain sizes for professional staging and event surfaces. Boulders comprise coarse and fine grained water worn granite, gneiss and quartz all of which are fully frost resistant. The boulders come in various shapes and sizes ranging from 18" in diameter to 60" and larger. Stone & Boulder Conversion Tables. Set dressing, photographic assignments, and as a fragrance carrier in pot pouri mixes. I am offering for sale a brand new Disney Frozen 2 Rumbling Rock Game. Retro and contemporary glass aggregates for fire pits, gas and electric fires. Unrivalled colour palette of high specification crushed clear and opaque glass in a range of particle size. Pennsylvania high rise boulders are large pieces of pennsylvania fieldstone with one end sawn off to provide a solid base to stand the stone upright. Non electrostatic and non-combustible. River-worn sand specifically chosen and graded to ensure "gritty bits" and dust are removed, allowing our clients to use with confidence for pop-up urban recreation, art installations, and event staging. Natural stone boulders are one of the most durable and beautiful accents to your landscaping. Each stone is smooth, rounded and glacially deposited in their true multicolored appearance—we don’t alter the true natural beauty of these boulders, so you’re guaranteed the perfect complement to your projects with natural designs. Natural, coloured and glass gravels for resin bound flooring and surfaces. Our granite boulders and cobbles are versatile in both use and beauty Harvested from our family-owned quarry in Wisconsin, the boulders are then washed and sorted by size. 1057 E. Bus. Manufactured in the UK using a pure white sand ensuring consistent sharp brights and delicate pastels. Kafka Granite doesn’t only offer crushed aggregates—our variety of large-scale naturally round boulders and cobbles can be used in a variety of decorative capacities. Create an Account Blocky, linear boulders with very flat top and bottom, great for stacking large boulder … Pigmented crystal in crisp cool colours with a silk sheen. The largest of our rounded aggregate products, our Large Cobbles & Boulders includes materials graded from around 100mm and above, up to individual boulders weighing 1000kg. Larger Mountain Boulders are used as Accent Stones, Entry Markers, Sentinel Stones or for Corner Protection. 3833045 Our Wisconsin Granite Landscape Boulders are smooth, rounded, glacially deposited, multi-colored, and are available in several sizes from small 3″-6″ cobbles to large boulders over 48″. Suitable for design led applications including walling, natural seating, recreational play, feature stones and property boundary markers. Particularly suited to plant toppings and situations for instance, in shopping malls, hotel foyers and public buildings where full weight stones may be inappropriate but where aesthetics are important. Contact Us 715-687-2395 FAX, Kafka Granite Crushing Facility Rounded coloured pea gravel, created in the UK to an exclusive palette of bold colours. Simply unloading a large boulder onto the desired spot on the property can cost as little as $40, and it’s almost always under $200, unless the boulder needs to be stacked, arranged or partially buried. Northern Virginia 703-393-2828. Rounded Granite Boulders for inventive play, Rocks and Boulders for vehicle restraint or features for creative landscaping - Specialist Aggregates stock a wide selection to cater for both commercial and private contracts. Reset Your Password, Specialist Aggregates Ltd Use in concrete to achieve effective exposed concrete surfaces – or polish to acquire a hard wearing easy to maintain natural stone finish. Aggregates to simulate or resemble something else. Both large residential projects and commercial landscaping could benefit from the natural beauty of this smooth, round granite option. Because Mother Nature designs all of these boulders, you will never find two identical boulders which adds to their individual character and charm. Boulders. C&C Sand and Stone Co. has a collection of boulders that will cover your largest and smallest needs. For contemporary memorials see our Aspen and Glass Nugget ranges. Boulders. (Updated Addressing - 213889 Skyview Road) From there, our cobbles are categorized in four-inch increments (4”–8”, 8”–12”, etc.) Use for resin and concrete bound terrazzo flooring, breathable lime based systems and loose decorative applications. Traditionally used in glassware, however, these products are long-term colourfast and easy to clean making them suitable for external installations and in aquariums. 4011 E. University Prosper, TX 75078. Granite, Limestone, Fieldstone & Boulders. Granite boulders . Attractive colours ranging from weathered/mossy, orange, beige, ochre grey etc. Top quality silica sands. Heights of 14” – 18+”, 14” to 20” depths, and 36” to 60” lengths. Marble chippings with a colourful, waterproof matt finish. Triple washed and carefully kiln dried, our multi colour rounded fish tank gravel has been manufactured in the UK for over 25 years. ... Shasta Blue n Gold Granite Boulders Central Valley California quarry. Mosinee, WI 54455, 800-852-7415 TOLL FREE The boulders for sale at Georgia Landscape Supply range from large specimen pieces to smaller stackable wall rocks. Crystal and mineral based non plastic glitter. £75.60 (£63.00 excl. Triple A quality polished natural riverstones. Often referred to as glacier boulders, rainbow rocks, or fieldstone boulders, they are used in landscaping for boulder retaining walls, man made waterfalls, water features, shoreline rip rap, and as accent pieces. Boulders, either in a group or individually can bring a hint of wild, rocky places into an otherwise ordered, and sometimes regimented landscape. Great for kids aged 5+ and is for 2-4 players. Yorkstone, to many the perfect material for building waterfalls and ponds, Rugged, yet alive with warm light and deep shade. I am asking for only $5 as the item is new. Whatever the reason, boulders can really make a statement! Provide a decorative sparkle for event decoration, resin bound flooring and wet pour applications. Extensive colour range of high quality crushed granite and quartz based chippings. VAT) Call us to place an order. Therefore, it’s important to calculate delivery and installation costs when budgeting for landscaping boulders. Kafka Granite Stone Fabrication Facility VAT) Call us to place an order. Sierra Boulder sells rock to the retail/wholesale market with boulders ranging from head size up to the size of a Volkswagen Bug. Selected and blended to provide maximum workability during laying and superior stability within the cured surface. Top quality sea shells from licenced and regulated sources. 2 ... [email protected] Coloured Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate. Large boulders can be useful to redirect traffic in the direction you want it to go. Hwy 121 Lewisville, TX 75057. Use to create seaside gardens and themed events, renovation of shell harling renders and as a natural bio filter media. The sheer, rugged beauty of these medium to large sized rocks can take your landscape design from good to great. With more than 60 colors, our vibrant to natural hues will add to any green project you’re completing. Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate for green roofs, insulation and horticultural use. Richmond 804-343-3505 Our natural boulders are principally Scottish but are sourced from all over the UK and Europe. Coloured sand manufactured in the UK using organic pigment. Any larger boulders will require a telehandler to be arranged for offloading at the delivery point. When water worn the cavernous and contorted form is especially suited to aquaria and decorative displays. These are boulders that I harvest from a quarry in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Please call office to confirm loading hours. If you would like the boulders put in situ when being delivered, you need to consider a few points: Access to the location needs to be large enough for either 7.5 tonne / 15 tonne or artic lorry. Mosinee, WI 54455, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Slider-Mobile-Aggregate-Colors.jpg, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Kafka-Granite-Logo.png, A Simple Guide to Kafka Granite’s Commercial Offerings, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Slider-Mobile-Natural-Stone-Hardscapes.jpg, Exterior Renovation for Homeowners: Why You Should Invest in Your Home, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Kafka_ArchAgg_ColorChart_2015.png, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/6a36f433-1409-4150-aa58-5326248528e2.jpg, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/IMG_0276-e1581716959819.jpg, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/landscape_stone1.jpg, How to Pick Your Landscape Stone Aggregate Color, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AmericanGreetingsHQ_WestlakeOH_90Starlight5SaltPepper5SnowWhiteCustomBlend2.jpg, Basic Principles of Commercial Landscape Design, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/midnight_blue_granite.jpg, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Picture-071.jpg, Landscape Inspiration for Your Next Retaining Wall Project, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AkronArtMuseum_AkronOH_SaltPepper3.jpg, Complete Your Project with Today’s Landscaping Trends, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/New_Glitter_Series_Raw_Stone-Transparent-e1518794937587.png, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/20151113_120637.jpg, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/snow-white-granite.jpg, A Simple Guide to Kafka Granite's Commercial Offerings, https://www.kafkagranite.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Screen-Shot-2014-11-17-at-4.43.18-PM.png, HOW IT'S MADE: An Insight into Kafka Granite's Manufacturing Process, WI Granite Boulders - Private Residence, WI, WI Granite Boulders - Uline Headquarters - Pleasant Prairie, WI, WI Granite Boulders - Northern Bay Lake & Golf Course - Arkdale, WI, WI Granite Cobbles - Private Residence, WI, WI Granite Boulders - Bull Head's Bar & Grill - Stevens Point, WI, Wisconsin Granite Boulders - Private Residence, IL. Edging, accents, walls, water features…putting a stop to the idiot driving through the corner of your yard. Pigmented crystal in vivid day-glo colours. Selected to achieve a broad range of properties including dried and close graded sands for filtration, clean sands for resin and cement fillers and bright white sand for recreation and display. Suitable for both interior and exterior seaside themed décor, education and promotional displays. Kafka Granite offers an incredible variety of organic granite products from dust to aggregate crushed to any size. Use for set dressing, decorative topping to ornamental and foliage plants, value add merchandising and crafts. Mid-Wales Stone supplies a range of stone products including slate, granite and quartz standing stones, seats, benches, window stones, tumbled slate, water features, boulders. Use them as accents in landscape or garden beds, borders for ponds and waterfalls. Rydal House Please text or call me at 647-272-8059 if you'd like to buy this item. 5 very large (average 45 cm in length) and very, large granite rockery rocks / stones for garden landscaping/ water feature. Large Rounded Boulders Rounded Cobbles & Pebbles Large Angular Boulders Angular Chippings & Gravel Rockery, Walling & Feature Stone World of Natural Sand Yard Sale Marine Accents. With C&C's varied stock of decorative boulders, an install ranging from a few accents in a front yard to a large sized commercial boulder wall can be attained. Landscape Boulders Cost Factors It's the mountain climbing, boulder-dodging action game! Extensive colour range of high quality natural granite cobbles and pebbles. Lantoom Quarry Dobwalls Liskeard Cornwall PL14 4LR United Kingdom Our Wisconsin Granite Landscape Boulders are smooth, rounded, glacially deposited, multi-colored, and are available in several sizes from small 3″-6″ cobbles to large boulders over 48″. Kafka can help perfect your project with these hard-to-find naturally round and colorful granite boulders or cobbles. Boulders can be used for a number of different reasons. Our most durable algal resistant stone collection - ideal for both internal and external water features, drainage for landscaping projects and decorative merchandising. Materials are shipped bulked 18 to 24 tons throughout California. Sodium Bentonite Clay. Whether they are needed for structural purposes or decorative landscaping, Brandywine Quarry boulders contain a timeless strength, beauty and quality that only Mother Nature can produce. Earth-toned sandstone with buff tans and dark black and brown hues that give this stone a great deal of depth and character. They can be anywhere from 3 to 5 feet tall once stood up. Rugeley, WS15 3HF Colfax Stack Boulders. (For lightweight aggregates see individual products), New Commemorative Memorial Dedicated at Wheaton Aston, IMPORTANT COVID-19 SERVICE UPDATE - 04/01/21, Glacial Boulders --11 Medium/Small Rounded. Pigmented crystal in cheerful vibrant colours. Loading hours may vary with season. The enduring beauty of white marble – Think Mediterranean, and the shining building blocks of early Greek civilisation. Registered in the UK, No. Use for museum installations, photographic and film applications as well as sand art, layering sand craft and event décor. We can supply stone for everyone from private gardeners to local authority schemes, large corporations and retails outlets. Obtainable Pantone. Why accept top quality paving products being finished with yellow or orange jointing sand? Cookies, Login Safety considerations: Mechanical lifting and shifting required. Large Texas Moss Boulders. Selected to achieve a broad range of properties included dried and close graded gravel for potable water filtration, clean gravels to extend resin and cement formulations, and durable gravel for garden design. Granite Boulders Available in a variety of sizes, these boulders fill many design needs in the landscape. What’s more is that the all-natural, organic quality of our boulders and cobbles can earn points for your LEED certification. Create Naturally. Perfect for event, set and promo decor, decorative plant topping and crafts. starting at $20 for large building/landscaping rocks or trailer loads of assorted sizes from $100. Please check our price list for current pricing, call us for availability at 512-989-7625 , or request a quote using the link below. Choose the perfect stone and boulders for your project with professional expertise at Brinkman Construction. Heavyweight steel punchings, applications include studio and set counterbalance, addition to concrete for machine counterbalance and resin bound for ship’s ballast. Ground needs to be firm enough to support the lorry. Durability is the watch word. Black & GreyBlueGreenMulti Colour PacksOrange & RedPinkPurple / VioletWhite / CrystalYellow & AmberEarth AccentsMetallic Accents, Large Rounded BouldersRounded Cobbles & PebblesLarge Angular BouldersAngular Chippings & GravelRockery, Walling & Feature StoneWorld of Natural SandYard SaleMarine Accents, Anti Slip & Braking SandBentonite ClayGravels for Resin Bound SurfacingVolcanic Black Gravel & SandsFilter & pH Correction MediaKiln Dried Natural AggregatesKiln Dried Natural SandsLight Weight AggregatesHeavyweight Aggregates, Metals & RefractoriesPebble Dashing & RoofingRecreation, Sport & LeisureGlass - Terrazzo,Concrete & Resin SurfacesUV Response, Glo in the Dark and Day GloSpecialist Concrete & Mortar Sand, Clay - SFXClay - Waterproofing PuddleCrystal - ColouredCrystal - Day Glo ColouredCrystal - Silk ColouredGlass & Granite - MemorialGlass - AggregatesGlass - Fire Pit & CoalsGlass - Stones, Pebbles & NuggetsGlass GlitterGranite & Quartz - ChippingsGranite - Cobbles & PebblesGranite - Rockery & BouldersGravel - AquariumGravel - QuartzGravel - Resin BoundLava RockLightweight - Leca® LWALightweight - LytagLightweight - Ultralight BubblesLimestone - Calcium CarbonateLimestone - ChippingsLimestone - RockeryMarble - ChippingsMarble - Coloured CalicoMarble - WhiteMetalsMineralsPebble Dashing / CladdingPebbles - ColouredPebbles - Metallic ColourPebbles - PolishedPumiceSand - Block Paving / JointingSand - ChromaSand - ColouredSand - Railway BrakingSand - Recreation & PlaySand - SilicaSand - Staging & Promo - NaturalSand - UV Response TracerSea Shells - ColouredSea Shells - CrushedSea Shells - WholeSimulantSlate - Rockery & BouldersYorkstone - Rockery & Boulders, Delivery Mosinee, WI 54455, Kafka Shingle Recycling Center Top quality quartz gravels. White Granite Boulders are have a very lightly patterned salt and pepper finish than darker colored granite boulders. The natural beauty of these granite cobbles and boulders speaks for itself. quality granite rocks. The boulders supplied by Mid-Wales Stone are mostly glacial boulders, and are sourced from a variety of locations around Mid and North Wales. DFW Stone Supply in Prosper. Top quality colour consistent sand manufactured in the UK. Box 2536 Marion, NC 28752 Office: 828-652-4700 Fax: 828-652-4774 www.QualityStoneNC.com [email protected] Contact us for a quote on any of the following granite products. Use Kafka’s cobbles and boulders for: Draw attention to your shorelines with beautifully colored natural stone or create the most stunning one-of-a-kind retaining wall with any of our cobble or boulder sizes. Boulders and feature stones make great centrepieces in any garden, adding a much needed focal point to your outdoor space. = 1 ton) Boulder Guideline: ... 8-18", 18-24", and larger. If you’re interested in selling and distributing Kafka’s cobbles or boulders, get in touch today! Technical Aggregates With sizes ranging from a few kilos up to several tonnes‚ natural boulders make such a difference to beach‚ stream‚ lake and pool schemes. £126.00 (£105.00 excl. Create With Colour. That’s 23-66 tons daily of boulders! 4 large garden rocks used in … Fredericksburg 540-891-7866. Sea shells recycled from licensed sources. Fieldstone. Our quarry yields many hard to find oversized granite boulders that work great for commercial projects or large scale water features that require very big rocks. I'm located in Brampton. Use for set dressing, decorative topping to ornamental and foliage plants, value addmerchandising and crafts. Black and terracotta lava rock specifically graded for BBQ’s. A sparkling range of Gold, Silver and Bronze metallic colours, particularly effective for festive and event decor.

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