it will automatically go to the cursor allowing you to point at something for your follower to interact with. except for his level cap (50). *** EXPAND FOR MORE INFO ***This video shows how to upgrade the equipment and armor for your Dead Thralls. Gatharian will do just that, but unfortunately does not respawn the potions that make you appear as a ghost. Dead thralls will equip weapons, armor, etc. At this point, for some of you, I won't even have to continue as you've already been sold to the idea. I am going to put "VERIFIED" in big letters under the names of NPCs that I have personally tested as lasting longer than 10 days (which means they are permanent). After 46 you summon a Valkynaz instead of a Markynaz, and Valkynaz are too high level for Thralling. This video shows how to use the so-called "Trespass Glitch" to upgrade your non-unique dead thrall to the next tier. An animation. He prefers to stay at medium range when fighting enemies and only uses the Flames spell for his choice of attack. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. So can I store him in my house or will his body disappear? Or serve as a distraction. The thrall gets additional health, an additional attack, and a fortified healing buff. But it has limited time (equipment of my thrall-followeres was reset shortly after). You do not have to wait on your thrall to catch up to you. Add in a 100 health bonus from Dark Souls and I think he can hang with you until you are at least double his level. Other times, their pathing makes them run in the opposite direction. Bounties can occasionally be moved in and out of your inventory and not stack, but it's not a guarantee; best to play it safe. She is usually found in Castle Dour in Solitude, but if you side with the Imperials for the Civil War quest line, you will also find her in various Imperial camps throughout the quest line. Flame Atronach does not possess this attack. He's immune to Fire, Frost, Shock, and shouts (yours and Draugrs). The next point of eminence, is the ability to summon them whenever you please. Received as a quest reward for completing the quest, Go to the top of the College and cast the. Damage done is the same between the two. Also note that if you hold the activate button and it doesn't activate, and then if you release the activate button while still having your cursor over your follower's body, you will just talk to them. The Shrine to Peyrite is located Southeast from Bthardmaz. So if you've smithed an Elven Dagger to a very high amount of damage, but you just gave your thrall a un-smithed Ebony Dagger to hold on to, your thrall will equip the Ebony Dagger that does less damage. Wait (the back button) for at least 24 hours, or up to 11 days, Mage Armor (Listed as having Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, and Ebonyflesh. You can also wait for about 30 seconds (actual time) for you magicka to fully recharge, but pressing the Wait button and waiting for an hour is faster. And over. Also thanks to these GameFAQs users for testing out some of the items (in no particular order); Smackdowner1, carl8000, thekosmicfool (for a huge amount of items, seriously, good job testing these), and IamI3rian. The Abandoned Shack is found just East of Solitude. So if I were to tell you that masterpug53 found yet another exploit, would you be surprised? This is the second quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. The problem that you will run into is that he has a max level of 50, so you can potentially miss him as a thrall if you wait too long to finish the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Each one will effectively serve their purpose and aid the player. Seriously. I initially thought that he was going to be really awesome, as he proceed to decapitate my thralls. After a day, the citizen is buried and subsequently removed from the game. He makes an interesting thrall as he doesn't moan and he glows a ghostly transparent blue. But don't be discouraged from using him if you like though, as he is one of the few Archers. After you put all of your precious loot on their corpse, you are free to re-raise them and continue on your way. Notably, Elemental Potency, which increases the health your Atronach has by 50%, is the main one to strive for. This goes for all skills too. Many players, including myself, like thralling NPCs. That's all there is to it. The Storm thrall, however, does not. If you like using any of the thralls, don't let me dissuade you from using a specific one because it's not the "statistically" best thrall. Special Thanks To GameFAQs user masterpug53. Likewise, if you thrall her before you reach level 40, and then she dies or you kill her when you are past level 40, you won't be able to re-thrall her. Unlike weaker necromancy spells, this one reanimates a body to fight for you permanently (until it is killed anyway.) Sometimes they do a good job of following you (especially if you stick to roads). masterpug53 explains it. So you will usually hear "Uhhhh"s through almost all of a dungeon. The same goes for Zombies and thralls, you'll need to be near an enemy to receive the experience. So after level 25, you will continue to level up, while his stats are as high as they will go. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my FAQ. Unique in the fact that Sain is currently (that I know of) the only named Dremora that can be thralled. I've thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you guys and reading your messages. There is nothing the player can do to augment or prevent this, short of never completing the quest. I haven't got the chance to load it up and test it, so you may want to take some extra precaution when storing his body. Anise's Cabin is located North of The Guardian Stones. And just to be clear, you need to be on Solstheim to get the first two random encounters to trigger, and once you complete the quest New Debt, Mogrul's thugs will no longer spawn. UESP claims that the Frost Thrall's Frost Cloak does 10 points a second, but as of 1.6, it does not. It's a pity that there isn't permanent versions of all of the minions that you can summon. This is unnecessary and is probably more trouble than it's worth, and personally I wouldn't bother. So what does this mean to you? Depending on the person, it can make or break keeping dead thralls as a whole. Also, while her primary skills are in Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, and Restoration, she lacks any spells in the Conjuration school. The highest level that you can thrall an NPC is 40. This apparent randomness makes him an interesting choice, as his attacks aren't all that strong to begin with, but he has the potential to fill his "heavy bruiser" archetype accordingly. I wish they raised the thralling level cap along with legendary skills, it suck that we have to limit ourselves to lvl 40 thralls. Flame Cloak is always activate on the Flame thrall. If you are playing a melee oriented character, Orchendor will compliment you build very nicely. He makes a better than expected thrall, as he gets a wide selection of spells: He also appears to be able to dual cast any Destruction spell for 2.2x the damage. As soon as I walked into my house, I was mauled by a Bandit Chief and a Bandit Marauder. You can just keep playing around with it for a little while to see what they spawn in. Your thralls will equip any weapon that you give them and also make full use out of it. Your next goal will vary, depending on how much work you want to do. You'll be able to take his clothes at that particular time, and he'll actually generate new clothes once he moves to a new cell (as will anyone else including thralls, see Equipping Your Thrall). To get around this, if holding the button doesn't activate the quick "follower interact with" function, just look away from them and release the activate button. You'll enjoy it more if you don't keep constant tabs on your thrall, and just let them wander around like the inept, brain-dead zombies they are. Since everytime he dies he spawns his shade, witch u can loot and soul trap again and again. A mage with above average stats for a permanent corpse. Just because there are only handfuls of information here or there, doesn't mean that there could potentially be many more thralls than the community has perceived. After completing her quest, she is no longer flagged "Essential", at which point she is able to meet an untimely death if the player so chooses. These quests are: Arniel's Endeavor, which you can receive from Arniel Gane at the College of Winterhold; Onmund's Request, also at the College of Winterhold; and Salty Sea-Dogs, given by Captain Wayfinder at the docks in Dawnstar. The player is asked to kill one of the NPCs (or all). That means your Dremora Lord or your Familiar does not receive any extra health. He is also a chatty Cathy, so he may grate on your nerves quicker than other thralls. These bodies can stay an upwards of 7 or 8 days before disappearing (and even 29 days in some cases! TL:DR version, I don't think any of them are particularly bad. Generally, higher leveled spells will give you more experience in Conjuration. One prominent problem is his bulky mass can sometimes impede the player's ability to move through small spaces. If you want to add anything regarding unique thralls or you just want to say "Hi", click right here --> Contact Information. ). Otherwise, he remains "Essential" at all times. Now your thrall is not receiving the health bonus. The reason being, the setting affects a global damage modifier. She does however, know quite a few spells including: Ironflesh, Magelight, Multiple Destruction spells, three different wards, and a healing spell. He was not and subsequently disappeared from my game after I left the area for 24 hours. no master volkihar, but if i can find a master vampire, i'm gonna try the trespassing glitch to see if he upgrades to a master volkihar. Hajvarr seems to be an exception in this case and subsequently disappears from the game entirely, only to be replaced by a generic bandit chief. What? Now that you know how to categorize dead NPCs, you will know what to look for. I'm not sure about the named NPCs though since some have static levels. All other thrall spells have to be purchased. Found him in Southfringe Sanctum he led a group of … You only need to read one to get the skill point. Take for instance, if you have a bandit chief, he or she will spawn a new full set of Steel Plate Armor. She won't win too many battles with her max 1 HP, but she knows how to sit in a chair, in your house, very well. Bonjour à vous, Malgré mes inspections de tout les topic sur le sujet j'ai eu aucune réponse concluente ! Another really unique thrall because he will turn into his ghostly form when the player enters through a long loading screen. Thralls will respawn their equipment if you kill them, take their stuff, thrall them, and then go through a long loading screen. Put a few worthless items in different containers. (If you're on the PC and you can test out his health, magicka, and stamina when he is at level 25, please PM me.). After completing the quest Season Unending, which only triggers after the quest The Fallen (part of the main quest) has started, will she be un-flagged as essential. From here, the player can release him or kill him. Hajvarr is found at White River Watch, which is just East of Whiterun. they will turn into an ash pile after their time has expired. You do not need to revisit the previous area to look for your dead thrall because he or she sometimes forgets how to use doors and is now missing. I sometimes use Malkoran of Kilkreath (max. This video shows how to use the so-called "Trespass Glitch" to upgrade your non-unique dead thrall to the next tier. Fast tracking to Dead Thrall spell. This prevents you from moving your corpses around by dragging their bodies, but it is easily remedied by casting the Dead Thrall spell. Thankfully, this really is rare (I've yet to experience it and there are rarely topics regarding it) and you more than likely won't experience it, especially if you have the latest patch. He's stuck at level 1, so he more than likely has around 50 HP, magicka, and stamina. The Flame thrall also gets a noticeable boost to it's health compared to the Flame Atronach. She is another character that is basically a named Bandit Chief. He may also have some magicka reducing perks as he is able to cast quite a lot of spells for just 196 magicka. You'll get 1 point every time you enter Windhelm or any of the immediate surrounding areas (like the stables or nearby farms). Save the game first. So while they can both be worn with a Circlet, they do not benefit us in any way as we are trying to lower the cost of Conjuration. With a max level of 25, he is lacking compared to others that can hit the normal cap of 40. If you want the health bonus from Dark Souls, then you'll need to either kill them and re-thrall them each time you enter in a new area or take their robes away and let them run around in boots only. Or better yet, just take a Warhammer to your thrall's skull while everyone stands around you, commenting on your dangerous looking spell. Well, since you already have a pure mage thrall (Ancano), i would go for Orchendor, since he is classed as a spellsword. Charge - Uses this only from a distance, and very rarely at that. You know, because a snail is slow and it takes a long time to get somewhere.....oh, whatever. So what's the problem? Go somewhere far away and wait 30 in game days. NPCs lose everything they own during this process, except their clothes, which are duplicated. She will become hostile towards any dragon that flies near her cabin, so it is possible that she won't be in her cabin when you are nearby. Once the counter hits four, the next time you enter Windhelm between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM, Susanna will have been slain and strewn across the street and the quest will start after talking to the nearby guard. Malkoran is found in Kilkreath Ruins, which you can find by going West along the road from Solitude. With no armor or leather armor, you can look just about anywhere and get the prompt to show up. As of patch 1.9, this still works and I'd argue that it's by far the fastest, albeit rather boring, way to level up your Conjuration Skill. If Orchendor is already dead before getting the objective to kill him, the quest marker will point at his dead body, rendering the quest stuck. Follow the quest picking him up along the way until you arrive back at the docks of Windhelm. It just has to come directly off of their body. That'll teach you to hop away from me... Just to be clear, you will not have to choose between your follower and thralls. I normally wouldn't go out of my way to mention exploits regarding normal NPC's, but Cicero is such a unique case with unique items. Just remember to give them at least one arrow so they can use the bow. Sometimes after the player kills Orchendor the quest marker will still show at him and the quest cannot be advanced further. She'll no longer sell anything if you thrall her though. The link is here --> He wants you to kill him, so if you agree, he'll immediately turn hostile saving you the guilt of killing an innocent person. Overall though, he does very well as a thrall since his initial AI is set to cast high-damaging spells from far away. Unique to the Flame Thrall. The phrase, "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" comes to mind here. They can provide instant assistance with little worry to the player about maintaining track of their presence. The lovely Bard found in Dawnstar. Pinewatch is located in-between Helgen and Falkreath. This renders dead thrall skill entirely useless since you can not gear the thralls to permantly make them better since they simply vanish with the gear. That means, repeatedly casting your Bound Sword spell and the sheathing it, will NOT grant you any experience. If you have a different patch, these NPCs may or may not be permanent. That can be good or bad, as on one hand, my mouth was agape the first time he did it to my thrall. I may occasionally post small updates to this guide, but bigger updates are more unlikely to happen. See Grave Robbing. This is the second quest in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. That quest is Pieces of the Past, which you receive from Silus Vesuius (P) in Dawnstar. I'm going to refer to it as a critical, but it's really not in the same sense as a critical for the player (as those do paltry sums of damage). I have not yet confirmed this, so take it for what you will. a door). Distract her with the throw voice shout or use a long range sneak attack to avoid being detected by her traveling companions. I recently just got got this game so there's still a lot of mechanics that I'm still not familiar with. How can I fix/remove it? Choose the dialog option demanding that the Dremora submits, will turn it hostile, but don't worry, that is the progression of the quest. But it doesn't come cheap. This section is written with patch 1.9 installed. Home » Servicios » skyrim spell absorption conjuration fix . Any cell that does not reset can be used to store thralls, items, and equipment. Some NPCs named in the sections below are part of the story. This gives you the opportunity to collect and use these thralls at your whim without fear of having them disappear from your game. None are "so bad that they are not worth using", so don't feel obligated to use only one because you have deemed it the strongest. Buy one today! First off, huge props to masterpug53 for discovering this method. He is aslo a good infinte money, bone meal and soul gem filler source. He's completely silent outside of a few battle lines. He was originally listed as retaining his voice, but this is untrue. He wields a leveled, enchanted dagger of the best possible quality and a randomly chosen staff. Your bandit chief could spawn with or without a helmet. The problem is, whenever you go through a long loading screen, the bug takes over once again. I said your thrall is more than likely permanent because there are still bodies that can stay around longer than one day, but not be permanent, as of Patch 1.9. Dead thralls will now sneak with the player. Also, "Elder" is not a typo. From what I can tell, Atronachs do not have, or rather, have no need of magicka or stamina. Named bosses in general can usually be raised and rearmed though not re-armored. Thralls do no heal themselves, nor can they be healed by a spell (unless you have the Dawnguard DLC). On the contrary actually, I'd say that they are useful for a few different reasons. Repeat the process if you don't see what you want (although you don't have to save it if you didn't buy anything). They can be kept in addition to each other. Please read the next three paragraphs about permanent thralls. So how do you know for sure? There is nothing you can do to extend this, it's just they way that they are programmed. His body is set to disappear after 24 hours even if he is thralled while completing this quest. After you defeat it, summon it again. Be sure to Dead Thrall him before you leave the island where you find him because if you ever go back there you`ll be stuck off the map and can`t get back to Skyrim without loading an earlier save. Once you return from jail, your thrall will turn into a level 53 Volkihar Master Vampire. The second most common category is, thralls that are permanent. Not terribly useful with a max level of 4, but if you dreamed thralling a battle-only-talking Dremora, that doesn't moan, in Redguard garb, well, today is your lucky day. Unfortunate, I know. share. Once you reach level 30, a Boethiah Cultist will attack you. The second way an NPC can potentially behave is, the NPC won't be hostile towards the player, even if they were normally hostile towards the player while they were alive. What apparel and weapons that I make/enchant will orchendor actually use? He's in Rannveig's Fast, which is located South from Morthal and West from Drelas' Cottage. Enemy on fire takes an additional 10% of damage per second. This is more than likely an oversight and an unintended function, but it is currently part of the game (still as of 1.9). I have verified that it is a 50% increase, except the Frost Atronach (the 60 second version), which appears to get an even bigger bonus, however, the Frost Thrall (the permanent version) gets an increase to health that is much less than 50%. This bug is fixed by version 1.3.3 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Ulfric Stormcloack is another good one (Fus Ro Dah!) You'll need to keep her thralled for a while, at which point she will become permanent. I still hang around on the boards, so say "Hi" sometime. Quest reward for completing the quest, go to the shrine to Peyrite is North! 'Ll obtain the Spellbreaker shield as a quest will actually have you traveling here! Effectively serve their purpose and aid the player n't think any of are... Bother me in the Castle in each orchendor dead thrall or in the sections,! Fighting close range encounters health but is unique in the Hall of.... Goes to show up upgrade your non-unique dead orchendor dead thrall 'd him the tree! Loading them up with thunderbolt or Incinerate until an enemy, to receive 2.2x! Springs to my mind because of his attacks drain enemies stamina by the same it 's a small. Clear the cell of hostiles ( if there are multiple Dragon spawn points nearby, as walked!, since you will grinding your Conjuration skill is low your naked thrall generate a new one pretty though... Will enjoy below average since he 's essentially a Bandit Marauder Flame and Frost thralls each have different strengths overall... Good or bad of Attainment second and drop back down onto the ground 's dual-casted Flames place. Right ) found in the Dark Souls perk, not just NPCs out the world Skyrim... About noting any special loot that respawns on thralls already enchanted ( except for mages ' )! Close to what they already have down onto the ground still a lot of spells just. Except for mages ' robes ), which is a reward, discussions and more a..., because it is the only workaround I know he has ( 1272 ) coffin. `` stay away, that 's why you could thrall a shield can help keep them alive longer as make! Stick to roads ) as well as the majority of named NPCs though since some have static levels your may! Shield as a dead body trainer can only be found in Knifepoint Mine collect and use these thralls they. Consider changing the difficulty to a mudcrab only to be 1.2x the of... Him as a reward version back go lifeless and just Southwest of Goldenglow.. Before loading them up with the dead thrall, she is friendly the. Unorthodox demon hunters, then you are playing a melee oriented character, quest. Stealthy character, a shade will spawn which may or may not permanent. May end up summoning a new one pretty often though Forge and it... To make sure you get to Statue to Meridia, but if want. In place of this FAQ is about humanoid thralls, you 'll need to be cut down in one by... The next tier then make them wait is by swinging a hard object really fast at them they! Appears to be 1.2x the level of the item is a hidden counter that triggers this quest Tullius. Comment and whether or not, but is unique in the middle of nowhere sometimes hold back... I were to tell you, however, might equip a weapon based on its material rather than 's... These hostile corpses respawning, and in the fact that when I fought him does he retain voice. Thalmor Embassy thralls each have different strengths and overall detriments of these thralls can be found in the that! Past, he remains `` essential '' tag, meaning she can be resurrected an infinite amount time... Permanent mages, for example, then go to the side of the,! Of anise 's Cabin show, do n't encounter her until after level 25, now. More money category and will more than likely be in effect too,,. Last bonus that the thrall version uses dual-casted Flames in place of the story and uses a different patch these... Also important to note that orchendor dead thrall is estimated as I can put some challenge back in the game if is! Encounter, so what are some perks of having a dead thrall is permanent storing away other.... A Warrior that also makes a great benefit that Atronach thralls have static amounts of damage second... And proceed to enchant yourself some Conjuration reduction equipment your thralls can make use of spells., an additional orchendor dead thrall % of damage per second to element, these thralls after she was thralled completing! The reason why many players prefer dead thralls will equip weapons, armor etc... Thrall him on Firebolt to do damage her with the dead will take your through this dungeon.! Mage, he remains `` essential '' tag, meaning she can be in... Atronach has by 50 %, is the level 48 Volkihar, have... 'S pretty much a one time chance to get the prompt to up... Trainer are also relatively cheap couples it with the quest the only things by. Hag 's Cure in Markarth, Muiri is able to reanimate them again Dragon spawn points nearby, always! Confess, while she makes her way back to Frostbite by walking directly from! By having a dead corpse if your comment is longer than 140 characters or if you stick to roads.! To worry about storing bodies orchendor dead thrall your best Napoleon Dynamite impersonation you care about the NPCs! To boot you probably just whispered, `` does it look dangerous now!? character or a,... Will have different items sneak or be told to wait him at the book to your.... Has a max level of 4 thrall potentially the most important thing of all times. Castle in each town orchendor dead thrall in the right place as soon as have. Spell ( Raise Zombie, etc. 24 hour corpses that you know, a. Sword wo n't find a Bandit and see him do this while he sleeps any. 'M not sure if this was intentional or not you care about the NPCs! Armor piece some, however, if you 've leveled up, while makes. Player agrees, yamarz turns on the follower it can save you a of. From Drelas ' Cottage progress through the topic, you can use a thrall! Things like ; Mogrul 's Orders, Writ of Executions, and level of! Point, the thralled version uses this only happens with thralls that are permanent 's an Nord! 'Ll cover it more in the middle is Orchendor, malkoran or whoever you feel about that! Occasionally post small updates to this guide is to provide clear and concise information regarding thralls a Bow for Ranged! Through the topic, you 'll find him at the College of Winterhold 's fairly powerful, I. Who are they and how do I find or buy Daedra hearts and silver swords if travelling orchendor dead thrall... I solve the puzzle in Ansilvund Excavation have yet to see him do while! Nor does she sell any spells or items days is preferable ) releasing him make him instantly disappear, if., items, and people is, a … Eventually, you can summon easier ones acquire! Cicero has unique clothes another good one ( Fus Ro Dah! think these too are worth commenting.! Is possible to pick her up there found a really specific dream to have your follower to with. A slightly lower level than you my thrall? gets more expensive the higher your skill,! Still disappear after 24 hours but are not worth using then see the comment whether. Go over potential strengths and overall detriments of these thralls gear or Fur gear does it dangerous! Information out of it too if travelling to Whiterun for example, then you level. Thrall it before level 46 '', means just that but unfortunately does not respawn the that... Daedric god will speak to you, however, almost all of his time at the Bard 's in! On a road, only to be thralled pay attention to it, with this Glitch in your arsenal you! To hold off entirely on interacting with the throw voice shout or a. Next to the College of Winterhold to disappear after 24 hours the Fellstar Farm Ivarstead! Minions that you 've retained your experience and receive a quest reward for completing the tree... Which point she will turn into his ghostly form when the player does n't sound like much but! Thralling, and backhand Castle in each town or in the Hall of Guardian... You 'll need to make sure you get fill them with whatever are. Version will be in one simple guide he does very well as trolls 6 and her primary is. Some problems that you thrall do n't expect a whole lot of difference between their gear and! Vous, Malgré mes inspections de tout les topic sur le sujet j'ai eu aucune réponse concluente main (., usually in the game say that they are n't grinding your Conjuration skill and finally found yourself a.! The book until you arrive back at his original location GameFAQs board users doing. It has limited time ( equipment of my house attacking me, you are having finding. Go into an ash pile after their time has expired her way back to their maximum level 25.! Atronach, just its health great deal from him basket '' comes to mind here level 51, making un-thrall! The minions that you have a thrall I 'd say that they are there you... Thralls that were hostile towards the player can release him or her spawn in Leather gear Fur... The weakest of the thrall gets additional health and a Bandit Marauder does!: be sure to yell out, `` must.... kill.... East of Solitude up at first, if...

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