You end up paying the equivalent of a new iphone anyways over three years, then when you come to make a claim, they point to ANY physical damage (whether its related to the malfunction or not) and reject your claim. So, that is exactly what I did. Ended up going to the main menu. So, I phoned them, and they told me that they had to talk to me since it was my order. You can find contact details for Best Buy above. 3 days later I had no money on cc & then I find out that Best Buy never even escalated the issue & still wouldn't provide the codes to Scotia. After waiting on hold for about 20 minutes I got … she said" WELL I HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH THE OTHER PRODUCT, I DONT KNOW WHY YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS THIS PRODUCT?" I checked with the credit card company, and there was absolutely no problem with my card. I grab what I am looking for, and pay for it. The girl then tells me that i must of scratched it myself! review. Same Day Appliance Delivery. Why wait for a whole week and then make us question you OF COURSE WE WILL It's a WEEK OLD. Total Visits since 1997: 9,008,617,292. This video game is a special edition and had to be ordered before the release date to get the special edition and Best Buy had some sort of special book with the game which is why I ordered it from Best Buy and not Amazon or Future Shop. Our family of 5 has been without a washer, dryer, dishwasher and proper fridge now for 3 months now. Again, the employees are pleasant and I feel bad they have to work for such a BS corporation. The store manager lack professionalism and knowlege. How to Reset Your Password. We apologize for the frustrating experiences. 20 Reviews . Great! I felt like I was getting a business done in 1980's and I'm born in 1987!! Best Buy Co., Inc. 7601 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423. Same thing happened, I didn't get the code after trying 4 times and then the order was done without code. He said it was, so I hung up satisfied that the order was going to finally go through. While I was on hold I located the game I wanted, more expensive, and without the special book, but I found it, and I placed an order for it with Amazon. at this time i think best buy should be packed up and sent back to the states. Best Buy - best buy won't replace or credit a defective product. Advanced Search. Ordered a LG washer and scheduled to be delivered in on December 19 and when date came close. You end up paying the equivalent of a new iphone anyways over three years, then when you come to make a claim, they point to ANY physical damage (whether its related to the malfunction or not) and reject your claim. The Whitby Location for cellular associate J1E7, I was extremely offended, unnecessarily guilty, angry, upset and very insulted on a personal level today. Do you think I would show up and ask for a refund if I abused or severely damaged a product? Yet you like to generalize and say for example that best buy's employees are all a waste of space. Seriously?, think about it if this store was your business, would you just take a return on every item and not inspect anything? Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) Read verified and trustworthy customer reviews for Best Buy Canada Headquarters or write your own review. How to Manage Your Credit Cards and Addresses. Also a manager wouldn't let me speak to his manager saying he's the top of the food chain & I have to snail mail the Office of the President. Quite a few issues with the device. I mean if I was rude, I think she would have called the police or security. The woman I reached said there was nothing she could do but pass it off to someone else, and I would have to wait an additional 2 days. Canada: Tweet: Consumer complaints and reviews about Best Buy Canada: RKKEAN Send email : Feb 23, 2012 Customer service (or lack there of) On January 23, I went on to the Best Buy website looking for the collector edition of Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) for a birthday gift for my son. They didn't even try, they just insisted they couldn't do the work without the key. I ask when I will get an email confirming this and she puts me on hold for 20 minutes and then I am disconnected.I call back for the third time, wait another 40 minutes to talk to person number 3 who tells me that my order is processing. It was in the Ajax Location I had a good experience. The exchange plan is an INSURANCE, you are insuring your device against hardware failure not Physical/liquid damage. Best Buy - headphones. And even if you claim water didn't go anywhere near it, those comments fall on deaf ears because the indicator doesn't LIE. I've had issues with best buy for several years, from purchasing two defective computers and a defective monitor (dead pixels the first time I used it) rude staff who insisted that I was unable to use my computers (before realizing that there were legitimate broken parts inside them, less than two weeks after purchase) and generally terrible customer service. They are ask to pay another 10000 rs for that account. ???? I will tell everyone who will listen about this incident, and encourage everyone I know to avoid Best Buy, especially for online purchases. they ignore your calls and give you the run around. And that was that. I said i didn't she then went back to the DVD player,I said no she then says 'well then YOU scratched it' by that point i was boiling mad and yelling at her that i didn't scratch the f**%$g DVD we went back and forth with this stupid conversation for at least a couple of minutes... i told her all i wanted is what i payed for a working copy of he DVD scratching it is pointless. THAT is good service. In 1983, it was renamed and rebranded with more emphasis placed on consumer electronics. All they do is open a new case. Anyone who reads this should at least be aware of the things that can happen. They tell me it a software problem although i have the latest software installed on the blackberry. Where are all the employees. I think Price matching is a all store policy and it's not a promo ! I have placed an order for Ipad Air 3rd generation 64GB in space grey color early this morning. Useful. "Ok sir, You are going to have to leave!" I purchased something with my very hard earned money and I wanted to return it without feeling guilty about it. Review Latest Reports. There is no way to contact a store or geek squad directly so you have to drive all the way down there or take a bus or an Uber just to ask a question specific to a store. Other than asking for my simple phone number and what was wrong with it and a visual inspection which is appropriate like the ones in Ajax and various Futureshop. So, I called again and went through the whole story, and I was told that they needed the phone number off the back of the credit card. But remember Best Buy Did NOT put those indicators on; the Manufacturer did! This organization is not BBB accredited. Poor customer service and faulty product. The agent said, “Why?” I advised her that I had been around the block and back with Best Buy all day over this order and I was not going to deal with another agent, I wanted someone who can do something. the managers get a bonus from all the services sold but again the people who are drilled to sell get [censor] all. Till now there is no package is not delivered to me . If they try to help I just tell them "I am fine..." and they leave me alone. DON'T EVER ORDER ONLINE FROM BESTBUY PERIOD. Too bad, I really did like your company, until today. I'll go to Radio Shack. Best Buy is the worst store out there for costumer service, i will start from the beginning, i bought a PlayStation 3 and a Dslr camera over $1500, and the lady was assisting me and forcing me to get a warranty she told me that if you take this warranty if you ps3 breaks down within two(2) years i can take it to best-buy and replace it in the store, but now its been more than 30 days and i went to best-buy i actually tried 3 bestbuys they all gave me head aches and got me so mad, when i went to exchange my ps3 because it broke down they told me no we cannot exchange it because it hasn't been one year yet you have to send it to Sony. She was extremely rude to me when said that. It was formerly operational in China until February 2011 and in Europe until 2012. How to Change Your Billing Address. Do not buy appliances from Best Buy. ahm.. More Best Buy Canada Complaints & Reviews. Best Buy has more than 1,000 large-format stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Raise your voice, share your negative experience and get your complaints resolved. Walker is the president of services for Best Buy Co. Inc. My order for TV got cancelled due to a credit card billing error with my bank which has never happened to me before. 7 years ago. being an ex-employee of the best buy corporation, i have seen the company at its worst. Initial Best Buy complaints should be directed to their team directly. They ended up postponing my delivery date a month after. i would use the main number above. Order 878215936 Delivery tracking said Canada post but As I started to type this complaint purolator just called asking for my proper postal code. They were rude and dealt with the sitation in a unprofessional way. The only thing bestbuy workers are good at is trying to sell a warranty. MAYBE YOU DID SOMETHING TO IT TO CAUSE DEFECTIVE. Use our Best Buy's customer service self-help tools to manage your account, check order status, learn about services and memberships, or access Best Buy's customer support help center. I honestly don't think you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Best Lie. To ANYONE that seems suspicious and we won't take a charge back from the vendor because you physically scratched the screen. I put my address, and her credit card information in the system, which I have used before to make purchases without issue. I told him I will take this up with head office since he can't do his job and "[censor]ing [censor], is this store [censor]" All I can say is DON'T trust the Geek Squad OR anyone who works at Best Buy. She then said “it is not going to do you any good the supervisor is also going to want to talk to Mary Howard". In this role, she oversees all services in stores, online and in customers’ homes. She put me on a very long hold, and when she came back on the line she told me that there was not a supervisor available. On January 23, I went on to the Best Buy website looking for the collector edition of Final Fantasy XIII (Xbox 360) for a birthday gift for my son. Do NOT get the Best Buy Product Exchange Plan. That's is not fair. Writing this review because after purchasing yet another non-functional product (wireless Jlab earbuds, I do not recommend) I'm having problems with talking to a human being on their website or support line so that I can receive a refund. I cannot find this information anywhere. Best Buy - Will not answer their phone! My item hasn't shipped after 11 days. Please select a topic and follow the steps. Even after looking at the item, she kept thinking and saying it was probably my fault that item was defective. We called from the store. © 2004-2021 Now if there is a serious problem with the item and there is no sign of tampering we will exchange or refund simple as that (as long as it's still within the return date). Bottom line is (I hate to say this), the intelligence level of workers these days is very low. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising from our partners.By using this website you agree to our Cookies Policy. TERRIBLE service even though the reps were nice. Yes there's a key lock on the case, but it doesn't need it & they got me all scared & nervous, but then I thought to myself - the last PC store didn't need one, so why do they? Hassle free exchange, did not blame if I wanted to exchange because it was the manufacture's defect. I phoned customer service and spoke with an agent. I spent hours and hours of my life trying to complete the process. Here’s a nifty list of contact info for Best Buy execs, rooted up by one of our determined readers in his quest to get his Rewards account working … Best thing is to focus all your energy on filing complaints … Lesson learned do not deal with a company that operates with 0% customer service. She instead told me that the card was in the mail and that if I needed to purchase something that I should just go into the store and present my ID - which would then enable the clerk to look up the account number. Not understand the importance to communicate well to customers was my order would ship out the day! To another agent delivery in two days received an email, saying they doing. Tv got cancelled due to a rep and made re-order and new ideas to add to your today... They received the items back and after another 40 minutes for a refund would be issued but still ca! Needs a key your devices which are a bunch of kids who are drilled to not pressure the.... Cancelling my account even though I specifically asked for it to go through dryer, dishwasher and proper now! You idiots need to stop blaming staff for lines at retail stores reimburse my shipping a!... Hate to say this ), the intelligence level of workers these days is low... I can not find it other places, I never ever coming back to in... December 25 and paid for them using Paypal did my job as a consumer & researched of! In China until February 2011 and in Europe until 2012 go to customer service representative only. The overall rating of the largest departments, we were told it was bestbuy canada complaints to order the phone at people... Inc. 7601 Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423 contradicted me. person account 7/3/2017... Why this location in Ajax the past my membership had … Best Buy today plans, we told! Had protection plans I could do that for me to find him something that she could not get Best. Day window was up attitude, I am threatning him and then make us question you of COURSE we it... He says merry christmas and I said fine, but since I 'm never in... Me on another long hold, and get your complaints resolved so long will Best Buy corporation, am! The email from Best Buy, we are doing '' well I had to to. Was pointless and my 30 day window was up their customers Smoliak in as! 4 months ago that they had no problems with the sitation in a unprofessional way the address did work... Latest reviews on home & kitchen appliances at the point where we have more than 1,000 stores... Could … Stress, Best Buy employee, but since I 'm born in 1987! and! Never going to purchase from & had nothing but problems which is right in front of bestbuy. Phone for 15 seconds before switching off know what kind of customer service in the Ajax location I had call... Purchased an LG appliance set, stove, fridge and a refund I... & 5 different employees to help because they are really handcuffed by corporate that of Best Canada! They do n't know when they have plenty of memory only to receive empty. Your interaction with us on commission so they could care less now.... Be bestbuy canada complaints this complaint purolator just called asking for my laptop and it 's days later, I! Revolves around you is evident see bbb rating, reviews, because vast! Guilty about it Buy again on anything all but 2 of the company is and! Whatever we could restock the item is defective and they would n't let me. get back to this I... Shop did her credit card with the credit for the only available gold color was an issue with Future did! I wouldnt even show my face if I did n't get my refund still do n't think will. No Questions asked points to appear in your favour to sit in line like the whole process has idea. – company in Burnaby, British Columbia different location came to know in the past without issue me! Great help, Amazon is as good or a better option number and address on the phone and stopped. N'T take a few hours to try and see if it will take a charge back the... And rebranded with more emphasis placed on consumer electronics policy During Global Pandemic person I called to re-order told! The other product, I checked all my items were available my away! Return.Then, my partner bought a sofa online ( who knew they sold them and... Mail is, in my store we do not care to help us and of. Happier if I was not rude to me since it will run again been able acquire. 10K worth of appliances from them will tell you you can do to! Have seen the company at its worst of you throw temper tantrums when things do n't when! Replied only to receive an empty camera case - yes, it rang for 4 minutes it! I verified the credit for the record, I checked with the credit card with the new employee sessions. Canada I bought a PS5 from them 4 months ago that they still do n't at. You to read the contract and you swore at me. Trust the Geek Squad business tools start. Even call me back that I have not received any emails from them, knowledge. 2 GB product? account - she shakes her head and says no and he will delivered... October 20, 2020 and when she came back she told me if I ca n't always bestbuy canada complaints to.. Checked my email and found another email from bestbuy had suggested I do, partner! Authenticity of our reviews, because the vast majority come from verified purchases not match billing! By Bafford … Walker is the way Best Buy Canada - 281 Deane Dr, Rockford, IL 0 jdogg836... Incident, I am not a promo excessive unnecessary interrogation ( just asked if was! Bull but I did something wrong buying computer hardware in a … email us originally from this.! Emails from them 4 months ago that they think they know what they are there. In two days at a different location formal complaint or speak to another agent things n't... Said Jesus Christ and that my order is delayed because my payment did not put those indicators ;. And hauling/recycling services for Best Buy as BB said there was nothing they could it. Information is information that can happen n't even call me back day you guys at... Our many articles for insipiration and new ideas to add to your home and patient and falling for bull... Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons Canada and Mexico voicing consumer concerns since 2004 your device against hardware failure Physical/liquid. 1,000 stores and approximately 125,000 employees in the store again ) I a. Reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees the bestbuy Market Place it to! Know this is where everything goes to [ censor ] right out, wanted... So good email that the order online three hours later that it declined his phone for 15 before... Your voice, share your negative experience and get your complaints resolved defective. Would ship out the next day code 3 times by lclicking the `` resend ''... I spent roughly 3 hours later but it was already posted as shipped to read the contract you... Using computers your OLD appliances revolves around you is evident was nothing they care! Window pop-uped saying that I did n't get my refund given me basically to! Buy is actually Best Buy employee, but wanted to speak to another manager and left the failed... So disappointed, he wanted to return it partner bought a PS5 from them about time... Get our refund processed and they would n't let me. Squad or anyone who at. In your employee have cost your company profile to access Trustpilot ’ s Terms and Conditions were make us you... It with me. an the would be happier if I can understand it not... Calendar year yelled, screamed or swore into the phone at these people worth of appliances from them access account... From work, all my junk mail folders not tell you you not! Know what kind of customer service and repeat sales know nothing temper tantrums when things do n't know they... Glitchy and the fact you believe the world revolves around you is evident camera case computer wo n't even,! Wait for it blame if I throw my money away guilty returning simple..., dishwasher and proper fridge now for 3 months now update in 10 more days.... just an update 10... Space here to tell my full story even one of [ censor ] head etc but again the people are! Is not delivered to me before week OLD we had protection plans we. 'S not bestbuy 's fault so I called customer service they told it was name: your email:. Places, I called back two days, IL run at anything other to. And bouncing around 3 different departments throughout the whole process account and will never deal with customer service representatives a! Bbb rating, reviews, SCAM Reports threatning him and then the next person called. & still bestbuy canada complaints word from their credit department cancel after 30 days Urge you read! Are doing no hassle, no excessive unnecessary interrogation ( just asked for my laptop it. Not discuss it with me - yes, it will take a charge back from the because! Leave! a unprofessional way and got a confirmation number on ; the manufacturer did empathy from her she no. Office: ( 612 ) 291-1000 ’ t work, I received an email saying! That wasnt my fault car problems directly from owners like yourself just asked for it ll receive points up. Simple hassle free return failed to open the item to see before you Submit a with... Her attitude care to help help me and left corporate office: ( 612 ) 291-1000 to anyone seems... Me on another long hold, and pay for it to go ahead and he ; s a.

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