In 1998, the company acquired quite a few respiratory brands from Natco Pharma. In this success post, we are going to share the story of Dilip Shanghvi, a self-made billionaire and the CEO of Sun Pharma. In 1996, the company acquired a bulk drug manufacturing plant from Knoll Pharmaceuticals at Ahmednagar, Gujarat and a dosage plant from MJ Pharmaceuticals at Halol and both are U.S. FDA approved today. Among the most low-profile pharma bosses in India, he founded Sun Pharma in 1983 with a two-man marketing team and a small manufacturing facility to make psychiatry drugs and capsules at Vapi, Gujarat. Now the whole idea behind manufacturing these drugs was only to show their presence in a market where not many doctors knew or even prescribed these medicines. Formulation plant at Bryan, Ohio and ICN, Hungary from Valeant Pharma and Able Labs in 2005. It certainly did wipe out the competition but as obvious, the road ahead did not turn out to be easy. Dilip Shanghvi has ambitious plans chalked out both for Indian and overseas market. To add to that; evidently Dilip bhai coming from a commerce background did not have much knowledge about the Pharma industry; but to cover that he retained people who were experts in this field. His perseverance on staying ahead of his rivals has taken him very high in his life. Dilip Shanghvi is married and had two children who are only too happy to add their talent to the family legacy. Shashikant loaned him some money and helped him setup his own factory at Vapi! His father, Mr. Shantilal Shanghvi, was a drug wholesaler in Kolkata while his mother, Mrs. Kumud S Shanghvi ,was a homemaker. He studied in the J.J.Ajmera High School and then graduated with a Bachelors degree in Commerece from Bhawanipur Education Society College under Calcutta University. Chairman of Manipal Global Education & former CFO of Infosys, Founder & Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, Published On: Thursday, February 26, 2015. He has reached the pinnacle of success as regards drug manufacturing. The company’s revenue has grown fourfoldand it now stands at a staggering Rs 22.37 billion.The first unit of Sun Pharmaceuticals was set up in Gujarat to … During this phase; he developed the thought of making his own drugs instead of selling others products. Dilip Shanghvi Facts. Other than that; in the coming years, Sun Pharmaceuticals made many other acquisitions as well such as: –. During that time, the company had a turnover of around INR 50 – 60 Crores. He initiated with five psychiatry products and … 72% of the company’s business comes from markets outside India, primarily from the US which accounts to about 60% of its turnover. And today, the market cap of Sun Pharma is more than Rs 1.20 lakh crore, with revenues worth INR 166.33 billion ($2.6 billion) and a net income of INR 56.6 billion. ... Shop The Story. From son of a pharmaceutical trader to India’s second richest man – Dilip Shanghvi’s incredible story. An even bigger deal was his decision to acquire troubled Indian rival Ranbaxy Laboratories from Japan’s Daiichi Sankyothis year. Beginning as a product manager in 2007, Aalok has gradually climbed the ladders to become the senior general manager in the group’s international marketing unit. The Indian billionaire businessman is one His father was a wholesale drug businessman in Kolkata. His father was a wholesale generic drug distributor in Kolkata. Dilip Shanghvi was born on 1 October 1955 in Amreli, a small town in Gujarat, India, to Shantilal N. Shanghvi and his wife Kumud. Ltd, Founding Team members of Pangram Marketing and Solutions, Indiabulls – A success story of an unsung hero. He initiated with five psychiatry products and has gone on to become India’s largest drug maker and most valuable drug company of today. Dilip bhai (as his close aids like to call him) holds a Bachelors degree in the field of commerce and is married to Vibha Shanghvi – who coincidentally is a pharmacist. Dilip Shanghvi is currently India's richest man with an estimated wealth of $21.6 billion according to Bloomberg, a lead of $100 million over Mukesh Ambani. He looks forward to use his skill at turning around weak businesses and revive Ranbaxy. Acquisition of 69% stake in Taro Pharma, Inc. in 2010. DilipShanghvi is a quite well-known figure in the Indian pharmaceutical industry today. There are several Pharmaceutical majors based in India, but few have been able to match or replicate the steady rise and growth of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited. Dilip Shanghvi – Net Worth and Salary. Primarily, because getting-in someone knowledgeable from outside, would be of no value once you take away his expertise but if you give the same opportunity to your own people to develop their capacity, you will build a loyal & reliable team. Ideologies like such, has brought Sun Pharmaceuticals to the fifth place in the global generic drugs market! This year, he made headlines by making the move to acquire trouble ridden drug maker Ranbaxy and enhancing company revenues significantly. Due to his firm and highly accurate instincts; Mr. Dilip Shanghvi has crossed those roads which even established big companies were reluctant to tread. Dilip Shanghvi hails from a Jain family who was born in the small town of Amreli in Gujarat to Shantilal Shanghvi and Kumud Shanghvi Shanghvi earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calcutta.. 23 March 2017. Dilip Shanghvi is an Indian businessman, pharmaceutical magnate and philanthropist. Yo! The board of Sun Pharmaceutical includes Israel Makov who is presently the Chairman followed by Dilip Shanghvi himself as the Managing Director along with Sudhir V. Valia and Sailesh T. Desai as Executive Directors; out of the many. Aalok Shanghvi, who is at the age of 30-years now, has graduated in molecular biology from the University of Michigan and is married to Karishma Mehta – granddaughter of C.K. In 2015, February, he surpassed Mukesh Ambani as the richest man in India, this was when the stocks of his parent company surged in price. Born on 1st of October 1955; Dilip Shantilal Shanghvi with a net worth of $19 billion is the 2ndrichest person of India and along with that is also the founder & managing director of Sun Pharmaceutical. And as far as the name was concerned, as Dilip bhai narrates – “I had no doubts in my mind whatsoever that this would be the name of my company, because ‘Sun’ is the unlimited source of ultimate, endless energy.”. YoChef puts the spotlight on emerging businesses and reputed personalities to help young entrepreneurs learn from their experiences. Born to a Gujarati family in Amreli – a small town of Gujarat, Dilip started Sun Pharmaceutical in the year 1982 at Vapi, Gujarat by borrowing his friend’s equipment and Rs 10,000 from his father. The historic event shook corporate India but made Shanghvi 'uncomfortable'. He completed his schooling from J. J. Ajmera High School following which he graduated from Bhawanipur Education Society College. R&D joint venture with Intrexon in 2013, etc! He completed his school education from J. J. Ajmera High School. He attended J. J. Ajmera High School and later attended the University of Calcutta where he earned a Bachelor Degree in Commerce in 1952. Ltd. Trivia: – As a promoter of sun pharmaceutical, whatever dividend Dilip earns on his shares goes into educational and health expenses for financially challenged children. It will give him the scope to spread into emerging markets where Ranbaxy products are popular. With Taro acquisition, Sun can tap the customer potential in Canada along with other foreign markets. Success. Dilip Shanghvi Received Award From Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Save this story for later; Dilip Shanghvi, Sun Pharma It was a self-devised ­management style and strategic acquisitions that helped Shanghvi get to the top of the pharma business. He once dethroned Mukesh Ambani as India's richest man but is By 90s, Sun Pharma had begun to make its presence felt! It holds manufacturing plants across more than 20 locations which includes the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Israel. The journey of Dilip Shanghvi, 64, the Founder and MD of India’s largest drugmaker Sun Pharmaceuticals, is inspirational. He earned the bachelor degree in Commerce from Bhawanipur Education Society College under the University of Calcutta. Dilip Shanghvi has succeeded in the industry by deciding to stress on niche markets like lifestyle and psychiatry drugs. His father was a wholesale drug distributor. The man behind its unmatched success is Dilip Shanghvi, the former Chairman of the company which is now the leading drugmaker in India. When he started Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in 1983, hardly anyone could assume the stupendous success he will achieve. Dilip Shanghvi was born on the 1st of October, 1955, in Amerali, Gujarat state, India. Dilip Shanghvi has not played safe to reach the zenith of success in his illustrious career and he has taken some unconventional steps to take Sun Pharmaceutical Industries to the numero uno spot. Eventually, Dilip Shanghvi decided to start his own company and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries was … By then; the company had smartly expanded from just psychiatry drugs to medicines for heart, respiratory complications, diabetes, stomach and intestines, etc. In March 2015, Dilip Shanghvi toppled Mukesh Ambani to become the richest Indian. The book is an untold human story of an enterprise and its creator-Dilip Shanghvi, who became the richest self-made Indian. Through his efforts the loss-making company is now making money. He has been consistent and balanced in his expansion plans and implementation. Other than that; just like every Indian, he too is, a diehard movie buff and often used to go out with his children – Aalok and Vidhi when they were young! Just like his mantra goes; Dilip bhai since his early life had understood that making blind moves must never an option. Having said that, when he began his entrepreneurial journey he ended up taking the biggest risk of his life! Maverick, Risk taker and People’s man – these adjectives aptly personifies the self-made richest man of India– Dilip Shanghvi.. His enormous appetite for risk and never say never attitude escalated him to numero uno position. Born to a Gujarati family in Amreli – a small town of Gujarat, Dilip started Sun Pharmaceutical in the year 1982 at Vapi, Gujarat by borrowing his friend’s equipment and Rs 10,000 from his father. Dilip bhai – the shrewd businessman had an ideology to retain his customers: “Man’s body is just like a car.” Just like a car; with age, man too needs more attention & repairing and similarly its treatment too is likely to continue for a long time. Born on 1st of October 1955; Dilip Shantilal Shanghvi with a net worth of $19 billion is the 2nd richest person of India and along with that is also the founder & managing director of Sun Pharmaceutical. Photo: The India Today Dilip Shanghvi | The Dealmaker His father was in the pharmaceutical drugs trading business. Dilip Shanghvi has succeeded in the industry by deciding to stress on niche markets like lifestyle and psychiatry drugs. To begin with; he carried on his father’s legacy and started off as a mere wholesaler of pharmaceutical products in Kolkata. The book is an untold human story of an enterprise and its creator Dilip Shanghvi, who raced ahead of Mukesh Ambani to become the richest Indian in 2015. Trivia: – In 2007, Sun Pharma demerged its innovative R&D wing and listed it independently on the stock market as “Sun Pharma advanced research company ltd” or ‘Sparc’. Son of a pharma distributor, Dilip Shanghvi borrowed $200 from his father to start Sun Pharmaceutical Industries in 1983 to make psychiatric drugs. Dilip Shanghvi received the Business Leader of the year award by Economic Times (2014), Dilip Shanghvi, whose fortune rose from $4.1 billion to $18 billion moved to 2, Dilipbhai was awarded the JRD TATA Corporate Leadership Award by AIMA (All India Management Association), At Frost & Sullivan India Healthcare Excellence Awards; Sun Pharma was awarded Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical Company of the Year, Forbes listed Sun Pharma in World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies, Business Standard awarded Sun Pharma as the Company of the Year, Dilip Shanghvi has been rewarded as the Indian of the Year award (Business) by CNN IBN (2012), Awarded as World Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young (2011), Awarded as First Generation Entrepreneur of the Year by CNBC TV 18. The son of a wholesale drug distributor, Shanghvi launched Sun Pharma soon after graduating (1982) from the University of Calcutta with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Apart from the many, below mentioned are some the most notable deals cracked by them: –. यह गुणी उद्योगपति एकगुजरती जैन बनिया परिवार से आते हैं | दिलीप संघवी (Dilip Shanghvi) का जन्म 1 अक्टूबर, 1955 के दिन हुआ था | उनका जन्म स्थान अमरेली, गुजरात (भारत) बताया जाता है | Dilip जे.जे. Below mentioned are some of their most notable ones: –. We present his top 15 inspiring quotes to motivate startup founders. Along with that in 1997, Sun Pharma also took its first step into the grand US market by acquiring the Caraco Pharmaceuticals, located in Detroit. Mehta, the founder of Vadodara-based Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals Corp. Professionally; although he is a part of Sun Pharmaceuticals but just like his father, he too started his career ground up. The son of a pharmaceuticals distributor, Dilip Shanghvi borrowed $200 from his father to start Sun Pharma in 1983 to make psychiatric drugs. While the United States remains a large source of Sun’s revenue, it has enough expansion scopes there. Share with your friends. He lives in a modest house in the suburbs of Juhu, unlike the rich and famous in Mumbai who live in South Mumbai.he is a spoft spoken man, a real gentleman both in words and actions. Dilip Shanghvi was born in a small town of Amreli in Gujrat on 1 January 1955. Dilip Shanghvi was born in a small town of Amreli in Gujrat on 1 January 1955. His takeover of Caraco Pharma, which took place in 1997 was not seen as a worthy move by many industry experts. During his whole journey; Dilip has religiously followed the Mantra that – “never begin to dig a well when there is fire.” According to him, you obviously cannot predict when there will be a situation of crisis, but it is always advisable to anticipate the same and be prepared to survive the tide when it strikes. The truth is that I like to focus on my work and do it right,". All rights reserved. Dilip Shanghvi is the founder of Sun Pharmaceuticals — an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. "I am not comfortable at all with this tag of being dubbed the richest Indian and all the attention that follows for the reason. In the Fiscal Year 2013-14; Sun Pharma booked revenues worth INR 166.33 billion ($2.6 billion) with an operating income of INR 71.1 billion, a net income of INR 56.6 billion and total equity worth a whooping INR 293.7 billion (US$4.6 billion). Some of the areas in which they offer formulations include cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, gastroenterology, diabetology, etc. Other than that; coming from an innovative bloodline he along with his friend Jimmy Desai have also set up solar panel maker PV Powertech Pvt. The man behind this success is Dilip S Shanghvi, Sun Pharma's founder and managing director. Dilip’s father’s name is Shantilal Shanghvi and his mother’s name is Kumud Shanghvi. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited; listed on National Stock Exchange (NSE) & Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with roughly more than 14,000 employees – is India’s largest multinational pharmaceutical company and has headquarters located in the financial capital of India – Mumbai. Dilip Shanghvi is the founder of $3.6billion, Sun Pharma, India's most valuable pharma outfit. But the biggest acquisition of Sun Pharma so far has been the recent purchase of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd in the year 2014, which was valued at $4 billion. in 2013, it declared revenues worth INR873 million. He spent his childhood and college … His salary is usually at Rs.2 to 3 crore rang which includes his base salary, bonus, housing allowance, perks, insurance and providend fund money He is also the well-known top wealthiest person and as the self-made billionaire in the entire Asia. In spite of being the second richest person in India, he takes the lowest salary. He grew up in the Burrabazar locality of Calcutta. © 2014-2021 Yo! Shanghvi is now focusing on specific product niches to carry forward the growth of Sun Pharmaceuticals. As of now, he is the firstrichest person of India and top wealthiest and self-made billionaire in Asia. too! Lastly, due to visionaries like Dilip bhai and companies likes his; the Indian pharmaceutical industry has become the 3rd largest producer in the world, in terms of volumes and is on the verge of becoming a 20 billion industry in the near future. The founder of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, he heads a drug empire which has an estimated value of around 31 billion dollars. Dilip Shanghvi, India’s largest drug maker started their journey in 1983 with a marketing team of 2 men and a small manufacturing facility to make psychiatry drugs and capsules at Vapi, Gujarat. Here we are sharing you the success stories of Indian entrepreneurs that will inspire you. अजमेरा हाई स्कूल तथा भवानीपुर एजुकेशन सोसाइटी कॉलेज के पूर्व छात्र हैं | वहां पर उन्होंने पहले शुरआती स्कूली पढाई पूरी की | उसके बाद आगे की शिक्षा संपन्न की | दिलीप (Dilip Shanghvi) नें कोलकाता यूनवर्सिटी से स्नातक की डिग्री हासिल की है | उन्होंने अपना बचपन और कॉलेज की पढाई क… Now, it sits at number six, which is nothing short of phenomenal.Under the leadership of Dilip Shanghvi, Sun Pharmaceuticals continued its expansion and joint ventures with several European and US drug majors. The target audience of the company lies especially in the high-margin niche and specialty medications such as longtime bestseller Monotrate, along with Celact, Oleanz, Rofact, Nodict, Fexotrol, Ketorid, etc!

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