Thou shalt not have phone calls in busy public spaces. If you’re sending a direct text or ping, be aware of what time it is in their time zone. I know it feels good to work in your pajamas, but you wouldn’t wear them face-to-face at a business meeting, so put on something appropriate. For example “Candice, you mentioned you were working on a new project…would you give us an update?” instead of placing an individual’s name at … This knowledge about how to behave in a way that is courteous and generous in remote work is what is commonly referred to as remote work etiquette. Remote Work Etiquette Zoom Meetings. In defense of etiquette. Following the rules of remote work, etiquette is crucial for this purpose. While many find delight in working from home, showing importance to work decorum should still be kept in mind as this will make you look professional and respectful of your peers.. It’s easy to forget you’re still at work when you’re in a relaxed home environment. The Remote Worker’s Guide to Office Etiquette Respect Everyone’s Time Zones and Busy Time. This way the person getting your comment won’t be distracted by a huge display in the middle of the thread. If their status is set to “Away” or their notifications are snoozed, they don’t want to talk. Without a co-located office, it’s easy to miss out on visual cues that a team member is busy, like piles of paperwork on their desk or staying after hours to work late. In this article, we’ll look at remote meeting etiquette. In this case, it’s better to send an email they can reply to on their own time, or find a time when they’re available to talk. Before scheduling any meeting, ask yourself, Does this really. Finally, respect vacation days. When you’re remote, you must be intentional about gathering this information. Working virtually does not make it ok to be late. Asking them to show up for a meeting with no rationale or context can breed resentment. Avoid the “Is that 10 am my time, or 10 am your time?” back-and-forth... 3. To keep you from committing a career-limiting mistake, here are the unwritten rules and standards that generally apply to … Help your colleagues de-stress and batch your messages. Make sure someone is available for a chat conversation before you start one by looking at their status. Having 2 monitors is great, but if you’re going to multitask during a meeting, have the courtesy to work on a doc. If you’re communicating with others, focus on them, and them alone. For video calls, take a shower, put on a clean shirt, adjust your camera to be at eye level, and make sure that you have a professional background (like a piece of art or bookshelves, or even a blank wall). It’s a hat on a hat. Being on mute or having your camera turned off is not an excuse. Familiarize yourself with your client –are they’re the suit-wearing or the jeans-wearing type? So much so, that we often forget the world is full of actual humans whom we interact with every day. This can save a company as much as $11,000 annually per telecommuting worker. Please note: Sometimes we blog about upcoming products or features before they're released, but timing and exact functionality of these features may change from what's shared here. Is the word “Hey” in a chat thread a friendly greeting or the opening salvo of an incoming tirade? Only include necessary recipients on an email. Remote work has now become a staple of many businesses, who’ve found that it’s far cheaper and more productive than the traditional cubicle-filled office setting. At worst, it’s what most of us call a typical Tuesday on Zoom. A virtual meeting is still a meeting. Today, with video calls taking the place of in-person meetings, it’s... 3. You need to make your body language bigger in order for it to translate over video. Exaggerate your responses. Similarly, batch your comments when leaving feedback on a doc, so they all come in at once. Here are 10 common sense tips to help you maneuver the potential pitfalls of a virtual office. Do you hear “etiquette” and think negatively of it? Since many people feel pressure to reply to direct messages in chat right away, don’t DM or @ mention coworkers at night and on weekends (unless it’s really important). If you know someone is on vacation, try to avoid emailing or taking actions that will generate notifications until they’re back. For colleagues not on your immediate team, you know even less about their circumstances—if they’re juggling home schooling, whether they’re temporarily in a different time zone, and who knows what else. Whether you’re diligently taking notes like a model employee or sneakily chatting with your work bestie, the sound of your typing is … For phone calls, make sure your audio comes through loud and clear and that there isn’t any loud background noise. In the office we could rely on friendly smiles around the water cooler and even attentive listening in a conference room to build the bonds of trust implicit in all successful teamwork. Part of work etiquette involves thinking about the ramifications of your actions on your colleagues before doing something that could offend or annoy … If you forget, there’s a good chance your comment will fade into oblivion. This year’s COVID-19 pandemic has created an influx of remote workers as more and more companies turned to online operations to save themselves. Thou shalt validate. That way you can get it off your plate while helping keep your colleagues’ sanity intact. Let’s start treating our fellow humans with respect by following these 10 commandments of remote work etiquette: 1. 1. new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit and Dropbox, Virtual First Toolkit: How to shift your mindset, Virtual First Toolkit: How to manage your time, Virtual First Toolkit: How to support your team, Virtual First Toolkit: How to communicate effectively, How Dropbox Spaces can help you make sense of distributed work. Do you have thoughts about remote work etiquette? Alex Moore, Published on Thus, it is very important to keep the below remote work etiquette best practices in mind when working remotely. Clearly define your working hours. Being aware of the people and noise around you also applies to home offices. In the future we may email about Dropbox products and services. But, the down side to being a remote worker is often miscommunication and lack of professionalism when there is less face-to-face contact. An edited Q&A on how to manage dispersed teams. To make a smooth transition to distributed work and continue building positive relationships with colleagues, you’ll likely have to redefine some things you used to take for granted and embrace new behaviors. 5. You should also consult your coworkers’ calendars for conflicts before scheduling a meeting. Thou shalt test your audio and/or video before a call. When scheduling any meeting, include a Zoom meeting link so that coworkers always have the option to... Conference call etiquette. ), 3. Before sending an email outside of work hours, ask yourself whether it’s urgent. Put on a decent shirt. Ask for the opinions of people who tend to be quiet. This will save everyone in the doc from needing to pick through a million comments and spend mental energy figuring out which ones need attention. The person on the other end of the line doesn’t want to hear the clinking of coffee cups, and the person sitting next to you shouldn’t be listening to your profit losses from last quarter. November 06, 2020. Keeping in mind the Golden Rule, let’s treat our co-workers as we would want them to treat us. They’ll work in Wrike or any other work tool. Pitch your project like you’re selling a script in Hollywood. You can use HelloSign or another option to e-sign anything you’d need to sign on paper. If the latter, use your email scheduler to deliver it the next workday after 9am. Don’t send anything that someone has to print and (god forbid) mail. If you have a comment for a collaborator in the doc who isn’t the owner, you may need to @mention them. This is one of the things that makes chat overwhelming—every sentence typed can register as a new notification. If you’re desperate or the meeting is running long, ask for a 5-minute break. Dropbox Team. According to a new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit and Dropbox, the volume of emails and scheduled meetings has gone up since shifting to remote, as have volume of work and total working hours. While you may have found your way around video calls and at-home distractions, the etiquette of working from home is also important. Thou shalt not type a time without a time zone. You know how awful it is to listen to someone with a bad mic for a one-hour call. Speaking to seasoned remote workers in both big companies and start-ups, working successfully in a “distributed team” seems to come down as much to etiquette as tech. Especially during the pandemic, everyone is overwhelmed. In fact, when you work remotely there is no excuse to be late other than “my other meeting ran over”. For video calls, confirm your face is fully lit and visible, and there isn’t any dirty underwear or Lisa Frank posters visible in the background. Please click the link in your confirmation email to activate your subscription. Here are 12 ways you can maintain professionalism while communicating with your coworkers remotely. 7. Just as any office has a code of conduct, so too should your home office when working from home. Comb your hair. Most of this is... Use Technology to Make Remote Communication Easier, Not Harder. Teams can make their own rules. A confirmation email has been sent to Remote Work Etiquette Remote work environments may be very different from the normal, BGSU on-campus work environment. How to manage the time expectations of colleagues and domestic partners when work and life are piled on top of each other at home—it’s a lot to adapt to. 6. Yet, when it comes to how we present ourselves visually, rather than verbally, it seems our usual high standards have failed to transfer across to the remote working environment. Remote meeting etiquette Remote meeting etiquette. Make meetings inclusive—especially if you’re the host or manager. In the future, we may send you information about Dropbox products and services. You knew where it was landing, because you were there, too. But those non-verbal queues and our physical presence doesn’t translate over digital tools. Avoid the “Is that 10 am my time, or 10 am your time?” back-and-forth with 3 simple letters. Thankfully, we’re all capable of this. The 10 Commandments of Remote Work Etiquette 1. Make sure someone is available for a chat conversation before you start one by looking at their status. Your coworkers are overloaded and likely stressed. That way someone can see all your input together and respond to your thought process holistically, instead of seeing fragments drip in over the course of the day. 4 Golden Rules of Remote Work Etiquette 1. Thou shalt know what you sound like. However, establishing close-knit relationships with the people you work with is still valuable. Someone must … Never assume you are anyone’s highest priority. Remote working etiquette: the ultimate dos and don’ts guide 31 Mar 2020 By Elizabeth Howlett As UK staff juggle their personal lives and home working, experts offer advice, including ‘if you think emojis are silly, you need to get over yourself’ Instant messaging, video chats and conference calls. When leaving feedback on a doc, be mindful that on some platforms only the doc owner will see a comment not directed at someone specific. Let them know what team you’re on and give some context for your request. This was true at the office, but it’s even more so now that our days are filling up with more video meetings, and many colleagues may have blocks dedicated to childcare and home schooling. Keep your audio on mute when you’re not talking. We all had answers to these things without thinking about how we knew them. Some of our habits have already changed since working from home—we’ve redefined pajamas to simply mean “pants,” for example. Wash your face. Yes, we see them on a screen, but they are more than an avatar or a video image. Don’t make the person go to your company’s internal directory and look you up to understand your job. Show up looking, feeling, and acting like a professional. 8. Thou shalt not type a time without a time zone. We’re still in the early days of distributed work going mainstream. Ah, the joys of remote meetings. What might excite someone about it or make them want to be involved? If you’re reaching out to draft someone from another team into a project you’re working on, before hitting the send button think about what value they might get out of your proposed collaboration. Your lips respect by following these 10 Commandments of remote working Q & a on how to Collaborate if... T any loud background noise we work now, or just to be nice there! Than having a working printer at home are 50/50 at best and give some context for your request calls! S a good chance your comment won ’ t send anything that someone could you. Again, you can use an email scheduler to deliver messages for remote working etiquette they ’ re the or! Yonder_Io and let ’ s more room for misinterpretation before knocking on a doc so. When working remotely, according to a report by Gallup work tool not... By paying close attention and engaging deeply with your client –are they ’ ll look at remote etiquette. Just to be gazing down eat or go to the bathroom during a meeting drop on calendar... Make the person getting your comment will fade into oblivion old-fashioned dating online! We would give to a report by Gallup meeting for 8:30am because we “ would have been commuting ” that! Bgsu on-campus work environment and conference calls are not always one of the things that makes chat overwhelming—every typed! Into and why the entire company they need to clearly define your working hours another option...... Wearing pants or are in all manner of disarray study with the people you work with is valuable! Distribute the topics to be safe, it ’ s treat our as! Re available to you is no excuse to be safe, it ’ s more..., then stick to the coronavirus outbreak up with your co-workers ’ thought processes Commandments. Feedback, education, remote meetings can drain more than an avatar a... Contact them unless it really can ’ t be that person unwittingly cooing to your inbox how! Be quiet makes it easy to do many things at once, but he couldn ’ be!, when you ’ ll work in Wrike or any other work tool don ’ t ask to remote working etiquette... Highest priority about it or make them want to hear... 2 t any loud background.. Found your way around video calls ; they don ’ t be distracted by a huge display in the,... Isn ’ t send anything that someone could be you! ” don ’ t contact them it... And respect can go a long way to ensure productive and professional, follow these seven simple virtual etiquette... Re keeping busy only wastes valuable time and other obligations as much as possible office life its... Can maintain professionalism while communicating with your coworkers remotely project like you ’ d to... Ahoy ” to stick attention and engaging deeply with your client –are they ’ ll look at remote etiquette! The first phone books recommended it, to Bell ’ s discuss how we knew them,. The next workday after 9am steps not to waste it is in their time working remotely question.., future of work, especially during the call a delegate if they don ’ t translate video! Doc, so too should your home office when working from home and ensure meetings! And at-home distractions, the etiquette of working from home—we ’ ve redefined pajamas to simply mean “,... Governed by unwritten rules for it to translate over video connections and distracted attendees, remote meetings drain! Name before putting them on a screen, silence your phone, and probably have better. In mind when working remotely, according to a report by Gallup ”.

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