In this article, we’ll go over the basic rules for moving plants from potting to a hydroponic setup. Read 5×10 grow tent reviews. Compliance with these rules will guarantee a successful move with minimal stress on the plant and will help to get the harvest regardless of the season.

Rule # 1

It is imperative to remove all soil from the roots of the plant. Microorganisms and pests can enter the hydroponic system with the soil. And since, in a hydroponic system, all processes occur much faster than with soil cultivation, with the development of pathogens, there is a high probability of losing all transplanted plants.

Also, particles of soil and the plant itself can clog the tubes of the hydroponic system. Therefore, before planting in the system, the roots of the plant must be moved into warm water until the soil particles are completely removed.

Rule # 2

It is necessary to carry out a transplant in the spring and summer. Because, at this time, the plant grows more actively and is filled with nutrients, which will help minimize the stress of moving. In winter, it is more difficult for a plant to adapt to a new way of feeding.

Rule No. 3

When transplanting perennial specimens, it is necessary to discard weak and painful plants. When moving, diseased plants can infect other plants, and weakened ones will not be able to fully switch to a new way of feeding.

Rule # 4

The concentration of the nutrient solution. For the first few days, the concentration should not exceed 10% of the dosage recommended by the fertilizer manufacturer. During the first 10 days, the concentration can be increased to 50%, and after 14 days, the concentration can be increased to 100%. This will help the plant’s root system get used to the new way of feeding better and make it easier to survive the move.

After the plant has taken root and got used to the new habitat, in order to increase the yield, it is necessary to create a nutrient solution suitable for each specific crop. The concentration of micro and macronutrients as well as CO2 can be controlled with fertilizers and special additives designed for hydroponic cultivation.

Rule # 5

When transplanting into a substrate, it is necessary that it be moistened with water. If we are talking about loose substrates: expanded clay, perlite, vermiculite – place the root system in the substrate and pour. Then, when the substrate has settled, top up if necessary.

If you plan to use mineral wool or coconut, no additional preparation is required other than watering.

In custody

Moving for a plant is always stressful, and moving together with a change in the way of eating is doubly stress. Therefore, in the first days after moving to a hydroponic plant, the plant may look weak. But, if you followed all the necessary rules, the plants quickly adapt, the root system will get used to a new way of feeding and quick results in growing will not keep you waiting!

However, if after two weeks of adaptation the plant looks sickly and wilts, it must be removed from the hydroponic setup. And it is imperative to clean it using special products or a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide in a 1: 1 ratio.

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