Hayley eventually wakes up and demands to know where Hope went. This The Vampire Diaries & The Originals تصویر might contain پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ. Hayley asks what it is about her and Klaus' relationship; she has noticed that they say they hate each other, yet even when they do, it is clear they still love each other. Lucien tells her to get Klaus out of New Orleans. Sometime later she talks with Klaus. He tells her that he has a rule about not hurting kids. In Season Two, Hayley goes on a rampage against those for making her give up Hope. She confronts him about why he kept the journal from her and read somewhere there is a unification ceremony that bestowed certain abilities onto every member of the pack, and if he believes it. Cami arrives with a box and she says that Kieran left them for her and that she's been cataloging them according to her uncle's notes. Hayley recovers from her snapped neck and she arrives just in time to save Jackson. She asks him why he is throwing a fake party in honor of Marcel. When Hayley is helping Adrian break the sire bond, Kimberley interferes and frees him before they finish. As of that episode, Hayley regained custody of her baby and moved out to live outside the compound with Hope and Jackson, just in eyesight and earshot of Klaus. Mary tells her that Jackson is depressed, drinking whisky and shooting arrows at the The Bayou. He told Elijah that Davina was needed to power a weapon that Tristan planned to use against the Mikaelsons. She lunges at Eva to get away from Hope and before she can check on her, Eva telekinetically throws her back into the bedroom. Первородные. Hayley tells Klaus to stay and take care of Hope, Elijah then gives her a warning about meeting with Marcel and then she leaves. She tells Klaus that he should talk to Cami, and despite her telling him staying away might be best, it doesn't stop how she feels. She also says she didn't need any magical rings to control when or how she changes. She starts to wonder if the Hollow was behind the deaths of the Labonairs and if it wants to finish what it started. She is also a very protective mother; it is especially shown in the scene where she kills Genevieve, because she tried to kill her daughter, Hope Mikaelson. After Josh moves the freezer they go into the tunnel. Her impending motherhood has also made her more tender and dedicated to keeping her child safe. She tells him that she has always loved Elijah, but since Jackson's death, she is constantly reminded of him, and out of respect to him, she has decided to let Elijah go. She was described as "gorgeous, but tough as nails and also very protective". In The Big Uneasy, Hayley is freaked out by a large number of werewolves that have come to witness her miracle pregnancy. Later on Elijah throws a party and invites the werewolves to be a part of the peace treaty. She tells him that he's not alone and they then kiss. xstandinginthedark liked this Hayley swears that they will not touch her baby and that she will kill them all, but she can't move as she goes into labor and only can struggle. Freya tells Hayley and Klaus that Hope's blood can be used as a weapon against The Hollow. In Long Way Back From Hell, Hayley with Marcel helps Elijah to find Klaus and Rebekah, prisoners of the newly resurrected witches and ends up to knock out and kidnap Celeste in hopes of breaking the werewolf curse. All she needs from him is to get her daughter back. Elijah decides to have Marcel compel himself to forget about "always and forever," which included his memories of his siblings and Hayley. She tells him to show Jackson some respect and that he's fighting for Hope, but Klaus disagrees and doesn't trust him to which he leaves Hayley to consider her options. After her werewolf nature was bound, she had the typical weaknesses of a non-Original vampire. She suggests a deal: her intel in exchange for Tyler's freedom, but Klaus cannot bring himself to make any promises when it comes to Tyler. He follows her advice, but Kimberley retaliates by kidnapping and torturing Caroline. She thanks her for saving her before against Klaus and the vampires. Hayley reaches into her pocket to find a note that magically appears and reads that it's from Vincent. After Rebekah leaves she then gets a text message from Klaus telling her that the Hollow is still out there, which shocks her. They recover Klaus and he is reunited with his family. Hayley demands to know of Elijah's spirit made it to her talisman. #the originals #klayley #haylaus #hayley marshall #klaus mikaelson #phoebe tonkin #joseph morgan #dani. When Elijah begins to leave, she tries to stop him and asks if he's seriously going to Lucien alone, who can end him with his bite, she then tells him to be careful. In both situations, Hayley was unapologetic and blunt but well-meaning, earning her the friendship of both women. Hayley turns into a wolf and kills the leader. Freya tells her it will considering she can feel the mystical energy. When Hayley hears the tune Dahlia is humming she becomes terrified. Hayley is next seen in the quarter, running across the road to the Jardin Gris in order to buy a herb. Hayley goes to the Bayou with some beer, she tries to talk with Jackson's spirit. She has a private talk with Klaus to ask him where Elijah is. She refuses to leave his side as his hallucinations start to get the better of him. Hayley finds it's going be a girl and Sabine goes into psychic fit chatting in a strange language. The other wolves gather around to listen to Hayley, and she gives a speech that despite the hardships, she has come to see them as her family. He is relieved of the possession and is confused, to which Klaus tells him it was Dahlia. Fearing for her daughter's safety Hayley suggests that her daughter be sent away while her family cleans up the mess they have made. phoebe tonkin. After they finish talking, Hope stopped crying and is sleeping. hayley marshall. Hayley threatens her and walks right through her spirit. There might also be arenaria and brownstone. “THE ORIGINALS Moment: Hayley ‘giving birth’, 1x21, The Battle of New Orleans ” She talks to Freya about Keelin and tells her she likes her. She uses a sleeping powder to knock out the Hollow. Hayley phones to Klaus after the Bayou attack. She asked him if he wants to touch her belly and then encouraged him when he hesitated. In The River in Reverse, Hayley is seen to be taking care of a sick Elijah, who was bitten by Klaus in the previous episode. Les épisodes. phoebe tonkin. She confronts Freya and tries to tell her she doesn't want Hope to wonder why there is someone being kept prisoner in the shed, and she wants her to keep her innocence and not be exposed to the terrors yet. She then picks a branch and uses it as a torch, and leads Kayla through the woods to show her something. Already tagged. Hayley thinks she'll have to do it all alone, but Eve doubts that and then Elijah walks in. #haylijah shippers club SOCIAL MEDIA. Klaus is both shocked and distraught having to deal with Hayley's death. Monique Deveraux (as a werewolf)Herself (as a vampire; sacrificed herself to save Hope) Hayley soon corrects her and quickly tells her she has her brother's manners. enjoy | 01.06.17 posted by showsincaps. She asks Klaus what Dahlia is doing with him and Dahlia starts a spell that causes Hayley's bones to snap. Later, Hayley receives a phone call from Sophie who convinces her to help find Céleste's remains and in return, Sophie promises to undo the curse Marcel put upon her family. Hayley and Jackson were soon found by Klaus and Dahlia. Klaus assumes that Tyler and Hayley had a fling, which Hayley does not deny. He reveals he's a Paxon and the others are from the others, such as Malraux, Deep Water, BasRoq, Barry and Poldark. The relationship between Elijah and Hayley began once Elijah was made aware of Hayley's pregnancy with his brother's child. Marcel Gerard was able to get her out of town after her parents' death. Later she is at Esther's funeral so they could make her child New Orleans witch and get Esters power to the baby. He tells them they need a plan to attack the Hollow so Hayley can stab her once again with her blood so they can defeat her. Hayley does not get an answer from Klaus about what will happen to her after the baby is born, so she claims its lucky for her that she has a while before she finds out and that she will pay him back. He tells her that if she had known her parents, she would know just how much enemies they really had. Klaus tells her they are very much alike, before saying they are backed into a corner and have to fight. She continues to walk and chooses a random door. Hayley manages to escape and kill witches who want to kill her and her baby. Hayley is described as tough as nails and she can, at times, be protective. She tried some name, Zoe, Angela and Caitlin before addressed her letter to "My Letter Girl". She then asks Elijah and Klaus if there was just a lot of bones somewhere and she wants to know where and if the bones exist. She calls Klaus and both look for her. Marcel tells her that he bought her life with that heart. This The Vampire Diaries & The Originals fotografia might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup. When Hayley is at Josephine's mansion with Gia and Elijah, she is uncomfortable and keeps clearing her throat, to which Gia goes to see if she can find Josephine. She then met and helped Tyler Lockwood to break his sire bond to Klaus.

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